All things film.

Artfully captured Super 8 and 16mm cinematography that leaves you feeling ready to remind those around you how much you love them.

Welcome to the Family.

We trade in the polished production wedding videos for footage that reminds you of what is was truly like to be present on your day. Born and raised native Texans, we spend our free time viewing the world through our 1 year old's eyes and the viewfinder of a film camera. We garden, sing and do all the ordinary things of daily life that remind you that there really is no such thing as ordinary. Whenever possible we tuck ourselves away for a quiet moment with the Lord before the next adventures begin to roll.

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Texas Super 8 wedding videos to encapsulate what it felt like to be present on your day.

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The ultimate digital and film experience

"Gracie, you captured everything better than I could have ever imagined!!! I mean..every shot..the coloring..the moments....everything. Your video brought every moment back to me in the most beautiful way."

-Bailey and Grayson Frank

The Grand Lady ||| ATX