Jordan + Michael Long

From the get go i knew this would be a special day. Just the previous year I had met Jordan's family when I filmed her sisters wedding video on Super 8. They had been one of the first families to not only trust me, but truly believe in my work. I remember multiple times being told that my work moved much of their family to tears. I couldn't believe it. So when Jordan reached out and told me of her engagement, holy moly, I was beyond excited. The Long's are a gracious picture of what it means to be a family--together. This video was meant not only to preserve their wedding day, but to embody the childlike wonder Michael's two daughters evoked the entire day, a child-like wonder deep within Jordan herself.

I have no words. I’m literally just crying. This is more than i could have imagined! There aren’t enough thank you’s in the world to cover what this means to me. It is perfect.

-jordan and michael