Artist Shoot

Hey Guys! I wanted to share another part of my work that doesn't get toooo much coverage on my instagram or other places. One creative aspect of film that I love is its ability to stretch colors and moods. You can go from airy and light to dark and moody with the shift of your shutter speed and ISO. With digital 'moody' work, you purchase a certain "preset" while with film I purchase a color film "stock" which can be pushed and pulled with its colors to give you a one of a kind look! It's like creativity to the max for us analog folk.

While on our wonderful honeymoon, spent some time in Joshua Tree, California and I did some branding shots for my wonderful husband who also happens to have a passion for music production. He is currently in the works of producing an EP and I am sooooo excited. It's such a privilege that my husband is so creative and fun. We were surrounded by all the mountains (which he loves) so of course you know I had to help him out and take some creative shots.