8 months down

What a wonderful time it has been for me to take a break from the professional scene for a moment. Back in June, when my husband and I found out we were pregnant, we knew we would have to set a time for when the professional camera could be laid down so that we could take a breather before such a major life transition. As hard as it has been to be unavailable for a few momentos of others, it has been a well needed rest personally. I know with other creatives, becoming burnt out in work can be so easy. Without taking time to refresh and renew through creative play, it's all too easy to forget why you do what you do. After deciding to take time away from September to February I sensed that I needed a break more than I knew. Shooting for pleasure these past fews months, rather than for the combination of pleasure, work, and pay, has given me insight into where I want this business to go. I want to thank you guys for your grace and patience in allowing me this time.

Jonathan and I took a trip to Florida a week ago to celebrate each other and just have fun. I snagged a cheap roll of 35mm film from Walmart on the way and thought "why the heck not". Here is some of my favorites.