Why Video is a must have for your wedding day.

Often times video takes backseat to photography coverage and I can understand why. Both can be a chunk of the budget and its befitting to have a few artful photos of arguably one of the best days of your life. Yet, nothing quite compares to seeing those photographed moments come alive through videography. To see your loved ones buzzing across the screen, hear yourself repeating those vows, or seeing the night re-lived through artful storytelling--it's captivating. This is the beginning of your soon to be normal. Eventually children will come along, grow with you, and life becomes busy. You'll blink and 50 years will have flown by. You might remember a few glimpses of the day it began--when it was still just you and your honey--solo and wild. (you will probably still be wild). What a special treasure it will be to not just glance back at the still moments, but to play on a screen your own artfully shot video. To see relatives long passed alive again--frozen in that day's wonderful super 8 frame.

Oh how I hope you'll budget for video--and I'm not just saying that because I'm a videographer!!