A vintage take to wedding videos

The familiarity feeling invades.

This was the first wedding done on my 16mm film camera. I had been doing some supplemental clips along with my Super 8 here and there, but when Bailey reached out--she dove head first in! She reached out with a vision that had me practically jumping up and down, and besides that, their hearts for God made me want to be their friend!!

I laugh a lot on my client calls when my clients tell me they aren't looking for the perfected formulated wedding video with the fancy drone footage and stage lights. They want them. They want organic, authentic, raw, in-the-moment-candid-stuff. I am right there with them. When did wedding videos become the same formulated thing, not changing with the couple you're filming?

This video is an ode to the Franks, their uniqueness, and what God is and will do through their marriage union. It was cold on their day, rainy, goofy, smiley, and most of those in attendance were certainly not from Texas. Love had flown from all over the United States to a grand refurbished mansion outside of Austin, Texas. Bailey mentioned to me that when she watched her video for the first time she balled like a baby. Seeing the candid way that film captures punching colors, facial expressions, and encourages those being filmed to be themselves all reminds you that it was real.