hello there!

welcome to my little space! I am a 20 yr old videographer//photographer based out of the lone star state texas. I grew up messing arounds with cameras and capturing the strange adventures my friends and I embarked on. Over the years it turned into a small business with the love and support of my also creative husband! Together we dream and pursue the intimacy of being present in the moment--something hard to do in an age where advertisements, phones, and social media all compete for our time and attention. Before doing video and photo more regularly, I lived in Maui and Kyrgyzstan working with organizations to bring the gospel to those who haven't heard it before! I hope through my work, you are able to get a glimpse of God's goodness and the mysteries of the world he has created.

You can find our family of 2 settled in Bryan, Texas and part time in a small nook in Florida. (this girl loves the heat..husband would live in snow if he could haha). Say hello if you want to get creative or if you want to talk music production or coffee brewing--as my husband will chat your ear off all day!!


our recent wedding.