Morning Engagement Session on Lake Travis

A sunrise session...

Addyson and Zachary switched it up when they asked if we could shoot their engagement photos on her father's sailboat. Docked on the banks of Lake Travis in Austin Texas, we met at dawn to board the S.S. Pure Joy. We wanted to get not just the sun rising, but the quiet dawn moments before the sun broke over the horizon.

Location scouting is an endless array of possibilities in Austin, Texas. Getting to photograph their engagements on the water was a first for us, but I hope it's not a last.

fiance's holding hands and displaying the lady's engagement ring
guy lovingly placing a kiss on his girlfriends cheek as they steer their boat
a couple kissing off the end of a sailboat
girl smiling holding her champagne glass as it is filled up
couple cheer'sing their mimosas over a box of round rock donuts
girl smiling as she watches the sunrise
girl smiling as she walks up the side of her sailboat, sunshine glowing on her face
couple smiling at each other as they watch the sunrise on their boat
couple drinks mimosas as they watch the sunrise
an above shot of a couple enjoying mimosas and donuts on a boat
couple feeding each other donuts playfully
fiance pouring champagne
couple snuggling together watching the sunrise
couple smiling at one another as they cheer their mimosa's on a sailboat
early dawn light. a couple snuggles together on a chilly morning to watch the sunrise
couple watches the sun rise from the view of a white small sailboat
man kisses a woman. as the sun colorfully rises behind them
couple smiles. in boat cabin with a box of donuts