Hi, I'm Gracie

It started as an effort to slow down. I had shot on digital formats for years and was debating whether or not to bring my gear on my overseas gap year. I wanted to take photos and videos of beautiful things, but I only had ONE bag. It didn't seem monumental as I traded my digital gear in for a few rolls a film and a 35mm camera that was half broken.

Through blank rolls, jammed shutters, and mishaps in exposing, I found a new love for creating through mediums that could stand the test of time and fads. A few months into returning to the states, I saw my travels re-lived through the lab scans sent to me. I was hooked from that day.

4 years later, the mediums have not changed, but my muses have grown. Me, my husband, and our 1 year old boy, Bear, live nestled in a small farming community west of Houston, Texas. It's in the slowness of south Texas living that my husband and I document our love for God and for each other in the obscure rolls of film.

I want my own families legacy to live on in the negatives of spent film rolls, so I understand why you want that too.