A Northwest Desert Wedding Day

Traditionally my normal work brings me to areas like Austin, Dallas, or Houston Texas. As a Texas wedding photographer and videographer I get to travel that state up and down--until this past October that was!! I had the privilege of being flown out by Dianne + Jhonatan to photograph their phoenix wedding on film.

The Details

golden flat lay inspo

Getting Ready

The morning to afternoon process of getting ready was one incredibly relaxed. Although on schedule, Dianne's family affirmed her calmness and rest before the ceremony. It was clearly a long time coming--Dianne and Jhonatan's union, and no one wanted the bride to miss any of the last moments she was soaking up. I shot on a mix of digital, 35mm, and medium format. Truly, the approach to shooting was to relax--just like everybody else. The day wouldn't go on without the bride, and her family saw fit to not rush anything.

bride and groom stand under blossoming tree during ceremony outdoors

The Ceremony on a mixture of digital + film

I shot the ceremony from a documentary point of view--seeking to capture what was really already going on. The crazy magical part of ceremony's (from a photographer perspective) is that you have hundreds of unique personalities watching and responding to this union between two people that each person present knowns uniquely (I promise that sentence made sense in my head). You are bound to see some truly beautiful emotions if you take the time to slow down photographer.

being a destination wedding film photographer is hard good work.

In my first go-around as a destination wedding videographer based out of Texas I learned a few things. 1. Taking your family with you makes everything better. I was able to bring my husband and 11 month old son along to Phoenix with me and it was wonderful getting to experience something new with them while we waited for the wedding day to arrive (we flew in a day early). 2. You can see new things when you work at a venue you've never been to before. 3. It's really a lot fo fun. (You probably already knew that though).

golden hour couples portrait
bride smiles at groom
blurry wedding photo of bride ans groom running
groom helping bride to cocktail hour
bride ans groom hiding during reception
bride nad groom kissing during golden hour leaning on wall
moody couples portrait by large window
moody wedding portrait
groom holding bridal bouquet
couple kissing in front of vine wall
wedding portrait in front of vine wall
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sun flare at golden hour wedding photos
brides shoes inspo closed toe
wedding party congratulating couple
couple kissing under veil at golden hour
sun flare on bridal portrait
wedding couple waiting around
bride and groom smiling at one another
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bride and groom portrait in front of large window
bride and groom running together

Why Boettcher Films might be a good fit for you.

My anti-hurry approach makes shooting video and photo art of your wedding relaxing and..once again--fun! I enjoy intentionally slowing down our shooting to re-center my couples after the exhilarating moment of "I do". We will make art from your day!! But not at the expense of your enjoyment of your guest, decor, and party!

I am a firm believer that photos+video exist because of a moment--not the other way around. While creative ideas are welcomed--I'm not into engineering every photo to look like moments that didn't really happen.

all and all it was such a fun destination wedding and I really enjoyed getting to document it on film. If you are wanting an "anti-hurry" artful documentation of your wedding day--I'd love to connect with you and discuss different options + if we are a good fit for one another! I currently offer digital + film mediums, along with Super8 wedding videos and 16mm wedding videos. Cheers!