Kaitlyn Jones bridal session at the Creative Chateau in Houston Texas

All shot on the elegant Pentax 645N using Portra 400. I had a blast doing these "traditional luxury" feel bridal portraits. The shadows and grain casted by the film onto Kaitlyn's hair is probably one of my favorite details about this body of work. This was my first sole bridal session, so it was fun to see it all come together. Kaitlyn let me have the creative vision she chose me for, and the Creative Chateau provided the perfect back in time aura that I love. These were shot with the rental of their room "the juliette". It gives you access to the front room, staircase, and front archway/doorway that we ran out of time to use! We were there for about 100/hr. I would go back again, but would be interested to see how their other rooms fared.

poses with veil and bouqet
straight face photo pose
dainty pose
girl staring sideways
looking into mirror
fixing hair in mirror
bouquet against wedding dress
bride getting ready in mirror
bride getting ready in mirror
summer wedding bouquet
elegant chandelier room
airy bridal room
old english living room wedding
old english inspired living room
wedding bouquet against window
staring down out window
bride alone before wedding
black and white veil shot
bride fixing dress
posing on fireplace mantle
blurry gown shots
playful bride poses
woman leaning against mantle
woman leaning against mantle
dreamy window view
elegant staircase pose
aesthetic wedding photography
luxury wedding photographer