My Beloved Film Dump

Sometimes you just need a good film dump. while this is more "common" to do on instagram, I like being the texas wedding photographer who will put it all on the website portfolio too. This cozy nook of the interweb needs the everyday shots, as well as the professional right? I feel like it gives you more of an insight on who I am and what fuels my creativity without having to shoot into a whole "about me". Enjoy these 35mm shots I took on my own time in between the birth shoots, wedding shoots, engagement shoots, and family shoots. They say once you start getting paid for your work it get's harder to shoot for just enjoyment---it's true. That is why in between shooting my weddings, whether they are Texas weddings or destination, I try to challenge myself to find the simple beautiful moments. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do. They are shot on FUJIC200 (one of my favorite film stocks. the colors are just phenomenal)

girl snuggled into covers on a cozy morning with a big window behind her
fluffy bedding ideas
flowy grasses on film
vine crawls up wild bush
moody bedroom setting
man stares up at sky
couples selfie in the woods
couple selfie in the woods
vine in nature
green circular leaves
big skylight window
drinking coffee in a cabin at night
diy coffee pour over for camping
romantic lighting in cabin
reading nook in cabin