A Colorful Old Money Wedding at the Dallas Botanical Garden's

Madison and Conner had a vision like no other. From the gown that reminded me of Kate Middleton's own, the veil with the double side ornate bows, the bride and grooms cake that looked like it was rolling with icing, and the handcrafted arch bow; these guest were in for a luxurious experience.

Even the details of the food were carefully crafted by Madison to ensure that her guest had a wonderful and unique time at her wedding. Noticeably, when the moments came, it was refreshing to see a bride who not only planned well, but gave herself the freedom to enjoy her labors. When each piece fell into place, Madison gracefully let them play out as they would.

This 16mm Texas Wedding Film had me awestruck when our footage came back. We tend to push our K3 to it's creative limits, and I could not be happier about this one. Most of my favorite shots were, as always, completely unorchestrated, while the photographer was doing something she needed to do, or we were waiting for a particular family member etc. For instance, the opening frames of Madison sitting on the floor, putting in her earrings, and looking up at her Mother chatting were long before we had her pose for a few "getting ready" frames in the back bridal suite. While both are stunning, the rawness of the first arguably won my heart.

Madison carelessly sprawled onto the floor putting in her earrings

Madison styled for the getting ready portraits

The Dallas Botanical Garden In March

Tulips at the Dallas Botanical Garden's on 16mm film

Floral's on Film

Whether you are shooting 35mm film, Super 8, or good ole' 16mm, you are probably just as obsessed with how it captures the life of flowers. These colors particularly were captured on a Tungsten film stock and balanced with this warming filter from Tiffen. That way we get those cool tones with the correct day light balance in post production.

Anyway I see it-- March is a great month for the Tulips in Dallas! Even. better when our K3 gets a hold of them!