I normally dont photograph seniors in high school or college really. It's not that I dont--we had SO MUCH fun, I just tend to get booked more for weddings. Alexis reached out to me off of instagram and asked if I'd be willing to do her graduation photos. She went to A&M University and I live nearby, so of course I was game. My favorite part about her proposal was that she wanted senior photos, but she wanted them the way a film lifestyle would portray it. She felt that her carefree soul needed a little more oomph than digital could provide. I knew she was the type as soon as the shoes went off and we ran down campus laughing!! wow--I seriously didnt know I could have that much fun at a senior session!!

The approach was to, of course, get the headshots, but also treat the session as any other "portrait" session would be. I feel that taking the word "senior" out of it helped clear my head of all the Pinterest pictures of posed seniors with their college acceptance letters wearing the t-shirt they give you at orientation. It opened me up to more creativity, and gave me the ability to see Alexis in her personality a bit more. Overall, we were both screaming when the scans came in.