Remembering the small things.

When Jonathan and I went full time into wedding work last year, slowly, as the work increased, our time for shooting for the sake of remembering got stretched thin. It is a hard balance to keep. This was primarily why we decided as a family that we would only take 2 weekend weddings a month and a few weekdays a month. We noticed as our shooting increased, that our span for creativity and seeing things fresh got slowly diminished. We began to see fruit not in quantity of work, but the slow goodness that can be forged in quality. We ran from the culture of hustle to the corner of productivity that made sense for our families season of life.

What fills our creative cup the most is simply being outside and bringing a film camera along (and sometimes bringing no documentation at all!) It's the freedom of breathing in the air, looking down and around as you walk, and letting your thoughts run wild. It is draining when a mindset of "content creator" is embraced. Because we weren't made to pump out content of our life's...and for what? So that others could scroll on it, possibly feel less about what they are doing, or even worse, began to make their life all about "producing content".

This might all seem ironic, now that in the next few spaces I'll be sharing some photos of our evening. Let me let you in on why I believe in these photos though. I shot them with the mindset that I would like to add to our family album that sits in our living room. Maybe one would end up our our wall because I'm tired of putting up art that was mass printed from Target.

These images are truly relaxed, some out of frame, and other underexposed. I don't need anyone to see them to validate for me that that evening was one of the most un-rushed, magical times I've had in awhile. I hope they speak to you in that way. That they draw you away from a comparison that leads to an anxious buzzing around, and bring you to a place where you think, "maybe I should just shoot for myself for a bit".