New Film Stock who dis?

I joined on a second shooter this past weekend in April at the lovely frio//concan//garner (so many names for this place) but hey, it's beautiful. While I shot DSLR for my photog friend, she didnt mind me hauling around my film gear to capture a few extra glimpses on film. on the way up, I actually forgot to bring my good film--SO these films photos are all shot on Fuji Superia tri-X 400. You can get like 3 rolls of this stuff for 18$ at Walmart or Target... real cheap. Because it's so cheap, it garnished the colors in a few shots, and I ended up opting for a dreamier B&W. Fuji isn't renowned for having good skin tones either. I would never test run a new film at a paid job, but since I was second shooting digitally, I figured.. why not? This is what I got.