While I normally don't do too many maternity shoots--I've always appreciated them. ESPECIALLY, if you can really capture the bond that is going on between the mother, father, and their unborn child. I'm reminded of a verse in Psalms my own mom use to always speak over me: "For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb." What a powerful and special thing.

Shannon and Cliff had the spot picked out already--which always thrills me--and it was a little nook in Houston. Cliff actually proposed to Shannon on a trail there and they thought it perfect to go back to where ti began to mark this new milestone. If you're looking for a luscious green spot for your own photo sin the Houston area I would check it out- Search up "Westwick Homeowners Association" and you will arrive at the corner of a neighborhood park//clubhouse. Behind that is the most beautiful section of land. (trust me). (and its public access)

These photos were all shot as box ISO Kodak Portra 400. It was kind of cloudy and getting darker--so I opted for the regular 400. I havent been able to upgrade yet to Medium Format, so these were all shot with my Canon AE-1 Program with a 24mm lens and 50mm lens.

I had seen previously some solely "baby belly" shots done and I felt like those angles captured perfectly a different wonderful essence to these types of shoots.

Overall, this was one of the more sentimental sessions I've been a part of. I had known Shannon pre engagement to Cliff, so to see them welcoming their first child into the world--full swing God moment. Life is so important, and the raising of children even more so! In a world that labels children as similar to leeches, it renewed my joy to see a couple so vibrant and passionate about their unborn child and the blessing he/she will be! I know they will make the best parents.