Garden style meets Father of the Bride

Gracie and Gage knew from the get go that they were made for one another. A few dates in, and both sets of parents knew--this was it. Fast forward some time and the wedding planning began. The "usual" route was traveled, in that, they began the first step....selecting a venue and finding a date.

Venue's pretty much control when couples get married nowadays, but not in this case. They had a venue selected, but Gracie knew it didn't feel right. Some people feel deep in their bones that their wedding will be outside under the vast sky, and for Gracie and Gage, they stuck to this.

After talking to parents and family friends, land was available and planning was set in motion. Friends of the family hosted graciously as every detail was taken care of to ensure that this evening felt magical to everyone.

Gracie and Gage's Backyard Wedding, everyone.