A Magical Super 8

My own wedding video is back! There was a lot of emotional response towards this little video project. Having a wedding in the midst of global quarantines made getting the exact vendors HARD. But nevertheless, we decided from the beginning we wouldn't be waiting for certain vendors and postpone our wedding. We eagerly had been awaiting the day--so we buckled down and with the help of friends and family had the wedding of our dreams. Without securing a videographer, one of my wonderful creative friends agreed to use my super 8 camera to film our wedding. Let me tell you, I can imagine the stress of committing to film your friends wedding and not knowing how to use a super 8 camera. In the midst of the craziness--none of us thought about the focus ring.....the dang focus ring. The whole wedding day we had it set to focus on far distance objects only--which you can guess--blurred the close shots. My immediate response when I received the film back from the lab was sorrow. The entire reception, though with the perfect light, was blurry from the misplaced focus ring. The good news was, the first roll seemed to pull through, with fuzz, but still so beautiful.

With last minute switches, I am still beyond grateful for our little video and our brave friend. The alternative was no video at all. It was also another reminder from the Lord that videos and photos aren't everything and no matter HOW GREAT they can never replace the treasure of the day in my heart. The individuals moments and smiles and hugs from those who gathered to see our union and cheered us on down the aisle.

It's funny how when people ask me "why I love super 8 videos so much" I always respond with "It's perfectly imperfect..like us." It's with tears of joy in my eyes that I present to you one of the best days of my life, in the most perfectly imperfect video. Shot and filmed by my brave photographer friend Trinity Sorrells--edited by me.

Check her photo work out at trinitysorrellsphoto.com