Kami and Andre's Super 8mm Wedding at Woodbine Mansion

A blend of digital footage mixed with the timeless medium of 8mm film brought a new perspective to kami and Andres day. Nestled in on a warm afternoon at the Woodbine Mansion, the two spent the morning around those who had poured into them their whole lifes. With Christ at the center, and a permeating love in the air, Kami and Andres pledged their lifes to one another.

Using super 8 mediums for wedding events speaks to the heart of those who desire a timeless momento, but are tired of polished facades. While film is a beautiful art in its own way, and the digital giving a crisp snapshot every now a then, this film comes together to capture what it's like when God redeems to people and brings them together for his glory in marriage.

raw, awe inspiring, warm, and tear jerky love.