Recently, an old friend from high school reached out to book me for an anniversary shoot with her honey! I was sooo pumped. I love all sessions, but I especially love the sessions that involve old friends--the mood is alwayssss there! In my arsenal of film I had a few Portra 160's and a couple of new Fuji400h 35mm rolls--which if you don't know is just as infamous as Kodak Portra 400. I had seen it turn out good on a few other blogs so i KINDA risked it and shot the whole session on it!

As you will be able to see, it captures the skin in a nice softness and doesn't exaggerate the greens too terrible. (I also shot n the box speed of 400---no push or pull) I do not that if you push it a few stops, it does get more bright and airy. I wasn't thinking Karsen or Grayson would be into that look so I kept it simple.

As always, these were all shot on my handy dandy Canon AE-1 Program. A testament that its the photographer who makes the camera--not the other way around you. True art can be made even with an iPhone.