Julia and Jasis

This session was a straight blast from the past. I had known Julia back in high school, so I was delighted when she reached out and asked if I would shoot a session with her and Jasis! I knew from the get-go I was going to do it on Portra 160--a film that can capture varying skin tones fairly well. I also had ANOTHER thought.

I have had some pretty cheap film in my fridge for awhile--Kodak ColorPlus 200. I had taken it with me while I had been living in Maui and Asia, but it had never been used up. My thought was, "lets put this stuff in the baby film camera and if it comes out sweeeettt.. if not, no problem because the roll they did pay for would."

We loaded up and decided we would shoot their session at Bastrop State Park in South Texas. The forest is a wild card, and has everything form recovering forest fire land to talllll (pine?) trees. The whole ride there, with jonathan driving of course, I drew in my notebook all the ideas I had for their session. I knew I wanted it to be full of movement, but also have some creative rigid feeling--if that makes sense.

Shot on my Canon AE-1 || Portra 160

ESPIO point and shoot || Kodak Color Plus 200