I needed a bridal shoot that felt wildly natural.

I really have 2 types of moods. I am either feeling the "abstract bride vibe" or the "natural barefoot vibe". You know what I mean? I had seen some bridal styled shoots recently and felt very inspired. Sometimes I scroll the gram and get (lowkey) comparative, but I felt the blessing of Gods creativity this week in that I didn't feel comparison, but the challenge of artistry!

I decided to get the staples of a good shoot--all my lovely vendor friends--and see if we could make a styled shoot happen out on some texas farmland.

I want to shout out that I am currently getting engaged into a family that consist of the most amazingly talented people ever--art, hair, makeup, CHEESEBOARDS--you name it. They inspire me.


shadows were a major inspiration as well.

We transitioned to a fielded area so I could finish up the film roll and fill up our roll of Super 8--which comes in in the next few weeks eeee!